Mark Reuben

55 years of age and have been in the hotel business
for 32 years. Initially started working in an estate
agency and have now built my own company into a
branded hotel company. I employ 72 staff which is
why I started Mediation as I was always mediating
between staff conflicts which prompted me to study
Mediation in more detail.

I studied Workplace Mediation at TCM in March 2009
and although i enjoyed it I felt I wanted to be more
commercially aware so I studied at The Academy of
Experts in November 2009. I decided to round the
training off and went to 4 x 4 for Family mediation in

Due to my business awareness over so many years I have encountered many diverse situations so I feel my business knowledge is a great bonus to the mediation process. I have successfully mediated high-level commercial mediations and have been involved with mediations over property disputes. I also enjoy neighbourhood mediation as the parties are usually desperate to resolve their conflict and it’s satisfying when I see the parties shake hands and even hug. I am a total believer in Mediation as Ifind it such a powerful method for resolving conflict.

I also assist at Hatfield University and examine solicitors on Mediation.

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