• Commercial Mediation

Commercial or civil mediation is the resolution of disputes between parties which have a basis in finance, rights or intellectual property. This might include land disputes, business diputes, contractural issues - in fact any commercial or civil dispute where the parties are at odds.

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  • Family Mediation

A specialised area of mediation focusing on assisting couples to find a solution to the dissolution of their relationship, whether that is the dissolution of their marriage or civil partnership or the ending of a relationship.

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  • Community Mediation

Assistance in resolving disputes between parties in which no contractual agreement is signed at the end of the day and in which it is unlikely that many people would be involved. A set of guiding principles are the aims of community mediation, which allow parties in dispute to live alongside each other.

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I dread to think what it would have cost if the mediation had failed...

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Family Mediation

A process by which couples negotiate face to face about the arrangements for their future. It takes place in a private and informal setting, with usually only the two of you and a mediator present.

All issues can be discussed, for example, arrangements for the care of children, financial matters e.g. what to do with the family home, the morgage, credit cards, how you and your ex-partner will communicate with each other in future, etc.

The mediation will culminate in the drafting of 2 documents; one dealing with the personal issues of your separation / divorce and the other dealing with your financial divorce. The documents will then be passed to a solicitor to be formalised.

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