• Commercial Mediation

Commercial or civil mediation is the resolution of disputes between parties which have a basis in finance, rights or intellectual property. This might include land disputes, business diputes, contractural issues - in fact any commercial or civil dispute where the parties are at odds.

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  • Family Mediation

A specialised area of mediation focusing on assisting couples to find a solution to the dissolution of their relationship, whether that is the dissolution of their marriage or civil partnership or the ending of a relationship.

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  • Community Mediation

Assistance in resolving disputes between parties in which no contractual agreement is signed at the end of the day and in which it is unlikely that many people would be involved. A set of guiding principles are the aims of community mediation, which allow parties in dispute to live alongside each other.

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I dread to think what it would have cost if the mediation had failed...

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Welcome to Mediation Solve

Mediation solve is a specialised panel of mediators able to mediate all types of mediation (commercial, family and community). Our mediators can advise on dispute resolution, assist in setting up bespoke dispute resolution packages and mediate in all disputes from £0 to more than £1 million; from corporate battles to simple family and neighbourhood issues. Our mediators have experience in both the UK and other jurisdictions and are able to provide personal service from start to finish.

The members of Mediation Solve believe that the breadth of their experience, both professionally and as mediators, is important as it clearly demonstrates abilities to deal with both the emotional, legal and financial pain associated with disputes, particularly when they escalate to expensive claims in which the only alternative to mediate is the court battle.

Mediation Solve mediators have a common approach to all types of dispute, in that they work to empower the parties to agree an outcome which each party can live with. It puts aside the disagreements of the past and allows new focus on the future. It minimises costs and removes the fear of winner takes all. Although the focus is on the individual party, Mediation Solve will ask each party to maintain the support and guidance of its legal team to help ensure the best "deal" under the circumstances can be captured in legal terms for the future and mutual protection of all concerned.

Community mediation helps those embodied in battles with neighbours, friends, relations to find a new way of working and living alongside each other. It is appropriate when no finances are involved and neither party has (or can afford) legal representation. The outcome of community mediation need not be binding, but can lead to a set of guided principles by which the parties can live, in order to be able to move forward. Experience has shown that this can often open the door to rebuilding relationships.

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